What else drops besides the ball in Times Square on New Year's Eve? Here's five other weird, bizarre, and different things people drop. 

5) Pine Cone

In Flagstaff a pine cone is dropped off the roof of the Weatherford Hotel and in a town called Show Low, the lowest valued card in poker. This is the deuce of clubs. I'm curious if they decorate it with glitter.



4) Beach Ball

In Florida they lower an 800 pound beach ball from 12 stories high in Panama City and then drop 7,000 normal sized beach balls. In Pensacola they drop a pelican. In Key West it’s a six-foot queen conch shell dropped from 20 feet. Pretty odd stuff right?





3) Sausage

In Elmore Ohio they drop a sausage. Who doesn't love sausage falling from the sky? Grab some pancakes and have one heck of a New Year's breakfast.






2) Disco Ball

In Maryland they bring in the New Year by dropping a disco ball in Baltimore. I would imagine there would be a lot of hustle going on, and staying alive...... get it?



1) Peach

In Atlanta they drop a peach. What better what than to bring in the new year with beautiful fruit? I'm sure a lot of diets include that for the next few weeks after New Year's.