Want to support Hurricane Harvey recovery efforts? Well, it's as simple as parking your car at the New York State Fair

The Red Cross of Central New York has a special lot at the Fair, which has been used to raise funds for the organization and the services it provides, since 2002.

According to the Red Cross:

...New York State Fair visitors have helped the American Red Cross of Central New York and received a convenient parking spot by parking their cars in the Red Cross lot on State Fair Boulevard, directly across from the Crucible Industries plant and just a short walk from the Fair’s main entrance.

Charitable giving doesn't get much easier than that. The parking lot has helped the organization raise thousands of dollars every day.

If you're headed to The Great New York State Fair, where you park can make a difference to people that can really use your help in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

The Red Cross will also have donation jars available, if you'd like to give a little more.



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