Peanut Butter (with Path)
Credit: Robyn Mackenzie/ThinkStock

Sometimes, kitchen hacks are great time savers. Sometimes, they're not. This peanut butter sandwich "hack" is so stupid, the other life hacks are embarrassed.

Food blogger Bev Weidner, whose blog is called "Bev Cooks" came up with an idea for "peanut butter slices" and posted the video on the Food Network's YouTube. Check it out:

Life tip: if spreading peanut butter on bread is too much for you, don't make a video about it.

It would take most of us less time than the length of that video to actually spread peanut butter on half a dozen slices of bread.

In your house, getting peanut butter on a slice of bread probably takes 1 tool (butter knife) and 60 seconds. If you can't get peanut butter on a slice of bread with out ripping it to shreds, I have two suggestions: buy creamy peanut butter or use Ritz crackers instead. Either way, stop taking out your frustrations on an innocent slice of Freihofer's.

I can only assume that Bev has more time on her hands than the rest of us, because she just took a 1 minute task, and turned it into a process that involved no less than 3 utensils, parchment paper and AN OVERNIGHT.

Girl, please. 


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