This headline is a tough one to process. It made the rounds this week on the Internet and disturbed some friends in Central New York. The Hershey Company was discontinuing its famous candy. But, as it turned out, it's not true.

Reese's is actually the top-selling candy in the United States. (Number two: bags of M&M Peanuts.) The picture above of our company vending machine in the town of Marcy shows real Peanut Butter Cup clout, with TWO SLOTS dedicated to Reese's. So, it would be downright foolish to discontinue such a successful brand.

Maybe that's why the headline caught everyone's eye when it appeared on, a site specializing in prank story submissions from the public. Then, word probably spread via word of mouth. Good thing the debunkers from stepped in to fact-check the story, so Reese's fans could rest easy.

Fake news is detrimental when it adversely affects elections, but when it messes with our favorite candy, something needs to be done.

How do the purveyors of these websites sleep at night when their revenue stream and sole purpose depends on duping people with false information? How do their sponsors continue to support ventures like these?

But a more important series of questions: How do YOU eat your Reese's Peanut Butter Cup? Why can't I find more dark chocolate cups? And, if you could discontinue one candy for real, what would you choose?

Marie Fields/ThinkStock

We're not sayin'. But, we're sayin'.


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