Admit it -- you know you've gone number one in the pool.

Well, you may want to consider holding it in.

The YouTube channel SciShow has come out with this eye-opening and bladder-retaining video which explains how relieving yourself in the pool is actually quite unsanitary and unsafe.

The clip doesn't mess around in shedding light on some of the issues you may encounter:

Mixing urine with the chlorine in your pool can make chemicals that might cause respirator and nervous system problems."

And you thought feeling pruny was the worst thing that could happen when you hang out too long in the pool.

The video gets pretty technical and you may not understand it all, but the bottom line is pretty simple: you really ought to consider getting out of the water to urinate. Or, you know, maybe just go to the beach. There's a reason they call it nature's toilet, you know.

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