Congratulations to our 'Mom Of The Month' Penny Kranbuhl who was nominated by her daughter Belle. 

Belle Kranbuhl truly appreciates all her mom does for her and proves it by nominating her for 'Mom Of The Month.' Penny's very supportive of Belle's soccer with all the time-consuming practices and tournaments. We bet they have a lot of fun together as Belle describes her mom as having a goofy personality. We hope Penny uses the $200.00 gift card from Kinney Drugs to do something nice for herself.

Here's the note Belle sent us nominating her mom for Mom Of The Month:

My mom, Penny Kranbuhl deserves to be honored because she is the most beautiful and hard working mom I know. It is unbelievable how she is just able to do everything for me. She always puts me first and does think a second about herself. Some nights she comes home from work exhausted but still manages to take me to my practices that I have (4 times a week). Then she takes time off from work and takes me out of state such as Pennsylvania and Massachusetts for a tournament. My mom gives me the confidence boosts I need and always cheers me up with her goofy personality. We always loved when he could take the time and do mother-daughter days and got to the nail salon or go shopping. She is my world! I would do anything for her and she would say the same for me. She really is such a hard working mom who never really gets all the credit she deserves! I love her with all my heart and I hope you guys see why she should be honored!!! 

Nominate a special mom for ‘Mom of the Month.’  One lucky mom will receive a $200 gift card to Kinney Drugs.

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