Did you or someone you know participate in the 40th Boilermaker Road Race?

We're lucky here at Lite 98.7, we get an amazing view of the Boilermaker. We happen to be right at the start line and get to see all the runners take off. Because of that, we felt it was important to get a bunch of photos of everyone who trained and worked SO hard to be a part of such an inspirational and moving event. Check out the all the photos we captured in the gallery below, and see if you can spot yourself, your friends and family, or anyone else you know who participated in this year's Boilermaker Road Race.

And we do apologize that we didn't take any pictures of the Wheelchair Division Race. Naomi Lynn (who was at the start line this year), just gets so emotional she can't hold a camera straight. Seriously... she was bawling her eyes out. But that's because she says it's just such an inspirational thing to watch.




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