We're in for a brutally cold weekend and with temperatures dropping so low, most of the country (and the world) will be warmer than Central New York.

Bundle up this weekend, it's going to be ridiculously cold. Some areas across the world that are known for being bitterly cold, are actually going to be warmer than us. Even places further north and further south (think: Antarctica) will have higher temperatures. Crazy, right?!

Here's just a few places that will actually be warmer than Central New York this weekend:

1 - The Dome Fuji Station in Antarctica. It's Antarctica - You automatically assume some of the coldest temperatures in the world, and you're right. But that's not the case this weekend, with high temperatures expected in the mid-20s.

2 - Fairbanks, Alaska. Alaska is always cold. This weekend however, Central New York has them beat. They're looking at temperatures around 20-degrees.

3 - Aarekosi in Finland. This area is in Central Finland and as you may have noticed, Finland is a lot further north than Central New York. Being further north won't make a difference with the temperatures this weekend, though. Aarekosi is expected to have highs in the 30s.

4 - Moscow, Russia. When people think of the cold, they usually think of places like Russia. Moscow will have temperatures in the mid-30s this weekend, however.

5 - Bell Rock in Canada. Bell Rock is part of the Northwest Territories in Canada - an area far north, and close to Alaska. They're looking at temperatures in the mid-teens for this weekend. Still warmer than Central New York.


This weekend is expected to be the coldest one for Central New York this year. Utica is looking at a high of -1 on Saturday and 5 on Sunday. Places like Remsen and Old Forge are looking at worse highs - well into the negatives.




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