As we head toward Thanksgiving, Central New York may receive a large dose of snow and brutal weather conditions. That's the claim being made by AccuWeather senior meteorologist Alex Sosnowski.

Meanwhile, WUTR's chief meteorologist Rachael Witter, based in Utica, says a lot of these predictions circulating are "wayyyyyyy too far out to have any real weight."

AccuWeather's Sosnowski published his article November 13th entitled "Thanksgiving outlook: Brutal cold, snow to blast Midwest as a storm may eye the East."

So, we have our own little Battle of the Forecasters brewing. In his prediction, Sosnowski enlists the help of his AccuWeather colleagues Evan Duffey and Brett Anderson, and they're all saying the days leading up to Thanksgiving may be very cold and could bring heavy precipitation.

They're forecasting a possibility of normal Lake Effect snow events mixing with an early season blast from a Polar Vortex migrating from the Arctic Circle. If it all materializes, holiday travel could be very dicey.

But WUTR's Witter cautions that long-range weather models are fickle and unreliable, and "I'm only ever confident about my own forecast 'til about three days out."

So, stock up on the supplies and have the snow shovels ready, but don't bank on anything as of yet.


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