New guidance from the State Education Department means Central New York schools - and all New York schools - will need to close for 24 hours if a student tests positive for coronavirus.

The new policy, announced by Governor Cuomo, and released by the State Education Department (NYSED) advises schools to close for 24-hours if a student tests positive for coronavirus.

During those 24-hours, the school is required to clean and sanitize, assess possible exposures, and make plans for next steps.

According to, "the guidance makes recommendations on a variety of fronts, including how school districts should be communicating with families, how to clean school buildings, when to separate students from the rest of the school, ensuring students have access to meals during a school closure, and how to reduce stigma and discrimination related to coronavirus."


Currently, no public schools are closed in New York State, but several private colleges in New York have elected to close, including Columbia, Fordham, Hofstra, Princeton and Yeshiva Universities.

Public schools in Scarsdale, in Westchester county, have announced they plan to close until until March 18 after a teacher at its middle school tested positive for the virus.


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