You've probably seen the Pop Warner donation jars set up on various convenience store counters. Well, now one is missing from a store in Ilion.

The jar was stolen from the Greenie's convenience store on the corner of West Main Street and West Street, across from the Elk's Lodge in Ilion. The donation jars have been set up at different stores and businesses to help raise money for the Ilion-Mohawk Pop Warner football team. This is a very special program that allows children to participate in football and cheerleading (and even dance) in a safe and nurturing environment. Pop Warner also teaches children the fundamentals of the game, sportsmanship, and the importance of physical activities. Money collected from these donation jars go to help pay for uniforms, equipment, the Pop Warner Challenger Team (for children with special needs), and their "no child left behind" program.

And now, money that helps fund these programs has been stolen.

Central Valley Lightning posted the news on their Facebook Page on the morning of August 29. They're hoping that if anyone has information on this theft that they contact them or the Ilion Police Department.

To have someone steal a donation jar for a wonderful program for children in the Central New York area is just low. It's more than low. We hope this thief (or thieves) get caught. And what makes this story even worse? Pop Warner had some of their donation jars stolen just last year, from another convenience store.

If you have any information, again you can contact Central Valley Lightning. You can also contact the Ilion Police Department at (315) 894-9911.
And if you would like to make a donation to Pop Warner, you can send it to:
Central Valley Pop Warner
P.O. Box 296
Ilion, NY 13357





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