And we're not talking about movies. If you're missing a tool while working on a project, you don't have to go out and buy it, you can "check it out" from the library.

That's right, the Ilion Free Public Library now rents out tools, anything from an air compressor to a circular saw, and everything in between. We talked with the Library Director Travis Olivera, about this cool new feature available (you can see the interview in the video above).

So here's what you need to be able to "check out" a tool:

- You need to be at least 18 years old
- Must have a library card
- Account must be in good standing/no late fees
- You need to sign a waiver

All you do is head up to the circulation desk and let them know what tool you would like to check out. Travis says you can see their inventory and see if the tool has already been checked out on their website. That way you know if it's available or not before even heading to the library.

Right now, thanks to generous donations from patrons and the Ilion Gardening Club, they have 46 tools available, with about another 50 tools that need to be added to the inventory. Adirondack Bank also donated $1500 to help build their collection.

And if you have any tools laying around that you're no longer in need of, you can always donate them. Just drop them off at the library and they'll take care of them.





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