The first pregnancy tests that are equipped with Bluetooth to send the results to your phone are now available, because apparently technology is really getting out of hand.

This is it! This is where are technological advances take us - pregnancy tests with Bluetooth. It seems that reading a 'line' or a 'plus sign' has become too difficult.

Okay, before we smash this new creation all to pieces, there is something good about it. The results get sent to an app (that the user must first download on their phone). Not only does it take care of keeping you busy while you wait for your results, if you are pregnant it helps you figure out what to do next - doctor appointments, questions to ask, things you should start doing, all that.

As for keeping you busy for that long three minute wait, it offers a few different options. According to,

...the app offers her three options to help mitigate anxiety—Calm Me, Educate Me, and Entertain Me. Calm Me offers relaxing visuals, including ocean waves; Educate Me provides informative content, like quizzes about fertility and conception; and Entertain Me shows her videos of playful animals and other similarly distracting things.

Is this the new normal for pregnancy tests? Do our lives completely revolve around technology so much that this is the next step?

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