The new Delta variant of COVID-19 is wreaking havoc on several parts of the country and while many are sick and tired of hearing about it, the awareness of what this virus can do is more important than ever. One person who knows that all too well is Jaynee Davis-Brown.

Jaynee's daughter Mckenzee was diagnosed with COVID-19, gave birth to her child on July 27th, 2021 via emergency c-section and went on a life supporting ventilator on July 31st. During that time Jaynee established a Facebook group so that friends and family could show support for Mckenzee and had several encouraging messages to read through when she finally woke up.

It was announced last week the Centers for Disease Control had changed their recommendations to fully recommending women who are pregnant to get vaccinated against the virus with the new threat of Delta lingering. That is what Jaynee is now attempting to encourage people to do, given what her family has been through. So, how did this all begin?

Jaynee says this nightmare began when her son, Mckenzee's brother, Joe got sick with COVID-19. He had been vaccinated with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Next, Jaynee and her husband, who were both not vaccinated, got the virus. Finally, on July 23rd Mckenzee began experiencing symptoms and contacted her OBGYN. She was at 36 weeks in her pregnancy and her doctor told her to rest and that they did not believe it was COVID. That all changed on July 26th when Mckenzee finally went in to Bassett for a COVID-19 test and on the way home they called and told her she was positive. Three hours later Mckenzee began struggling to breath and her husband brought her to the Emergency Room. McKenzee was diagnosed with COVID pneumonia and admitted to the hospital. Her mother says the next day she was coughing so hard, her water broke. Little Westlee was born at 1:18PM. Luckily, they were already at the hospital. The moments that are usually spent celebrating the birth of a child, were quickly replaced with worry and dread.

After her son Westlee's birth is when things started to get bad, according to Jaynee. Mckenzee's mother says,

Wednesday, Mckenzee looked good but it was getting harder for her to breath. Thursday she was moved off the pediatric floor and Friday she was moved to the special care floor. That night she was moved to the ICU and was ventilated. She remained on the ventilator for one week.

Fast forward to today. Jaynee says her daughter is doing a little better and is doing well physically, but is experiencing some post-COVID symptoms, especially brain fog. She says Mckenzee has bad hallucinations the first two days off the vent and still speaks in a whisper from being intubated. Jaynee says she still has no recollection of having her baby. At this time, she can't be left alone with baby Westlee, so Jaynee has been caring for him overnight. Mckenzee has one other daughter, 4-year-old Josee, who loves her little brother. Luckily, Mckenzee's husband Andrew got the Moderna vaccine and was never sick.

Jaynee Davis-Brown says the message is simple.

I want people to realize the vaccines are important. I would rather take the chance of future side effects then to see my daughter fighting for her life on life support

That is what she hopes for everyone. Mckenzee, her mother and father all were unvaccinated and got the virus. For Mckenzee it put her life and the life of her baby at risk. I know this is a difficult time for all, but as Jaynee Davis-Brown says this virus is bad and not protecting yourself from it could be deadly. You can show your signs of encouragement for Mckenzee and keep up with her progress by visiting the Dear Mckenzee, With Love Facebook group. Take time to listen to this story and think long and hard about weighing the pros and cons of vaccination.

Jaynee wants to thank Mckenzee's husband Andrew who took care of the babies during the day throughout this ordeal. Jaynee says, "The love and support of our community was amazing. From meals, groceries and gift card...something was delivered everyday." She also encourages people to participate in the "6:15 Callout." Given the fact Mckenzee was born on June 15th, people are being encouraged to shout out to Mckenzee at 6:15, as she does all the time, and have people say a prayer at that time as well.

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