It may seem like Matt and Naomi know what they're doing, but it's all an act. Just watch what happens when they try to shoot a video together.

Do you ever wonder what's going on behind the scenes of Your Workday Kick-Off with Matt and Naomi? Well, here's a small glimpse of what happens - Key words 'small glimpse.' If you were to see the behind-the-scenes of their show everyday, you would probably wonder how they're even still on-air. Just watching this video will probably make you wonder how they got where they are today (They must have a secret, or something).

Matt and Naomi decided to create a video for a topic they wanted to talk about - Apparently, they don't know what they're doing when it comes to 'video skills.'

Yes, someone should help them, but then again... What would we have to laugh at? Poor Matt and Naomi. I'm sure they'll get it figured out one day. If not, then the world will see more adventures of other things they can't get right.




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