A British company will preserve your loved one's tattoos after they die - and not in the way you might expect.

When a loved one dies, we look for ways to keep their memories alive - whether through photos or sentimental items we keep around - like a watch, or a favorite item of clothing. Now, a company called "Save My Ink" will save your loved ones tattoos - and not by taking a picture.

People - they cut them off the body. You read that right - they remove the tattoo (and the skin) and then preserve it, and frame it. You can frame a patch of your loved one's skin. 

You can check out photos of the "tastefully framed" tattoos on their website, savemyink.tattoo (if you dare!)

Listen, I get that tattoos are works of art - many are exceptionally beautiful. You know what, so are my mom's eye - but I don't want to but them on display after she dies.

If you want to preserve that tattoo - why not take a really hi-res photo and hang it on your wall? Why a square of human skin? 

What's next? Preserving your Aunt's favorite mole for future generations to enjoy? Getting Grandma stuffed and propping her in the recliner? And what about potential conflict: Grandpa wants you to preserve his tattoo and hang it in the living room, but you don't want to. Then what? Can you envision tattoo skin ending up in a garage sale when future generations decide it just doesn't fit their decor?

What do you think? Is this the most gruesome idea ever? Or is it just great?