When Pretty Little Liars returns on Tuesday, January 12, nothing will be the same. A's identity will no longer drive the action, since her identity was already revealed in the summer finale. The series will jump ahead five years, skipping the awkward "through a series of unlikely plot machinations, we're all attending the same college!" route that other teen dramas often opt for. Even the name of the show's network is different, changing from ABC Family to the more nebulous "Freeform." Down is up, up is down and Alison's one of the gang again — but today (December 15) the new season's starting to come into focus.

The series revealed its Season 6 poster on Twitter, to a collective freakout from PLL fans ("Whos in the coffin???? whats in the coffin???? my body after seeing the new ," wrote one). Scroll down to check it out in its full glory, because there's plenty to take in. For one? The reunited Rosewood crew is now closer to the cast's real-life median age, and their updated looks reflect this new maturity. Spencer's got bangs now, and the whole squad looks like the most perfectly-coiffed and well dressed pallbearers the cemetery's ever seen. They're almost too polished — they're supposed to be 22, an age where you're still figuring stuff out, not dressing like a partner at a law firm. Regardless: They all look incredible.

The girls are hoisting a mystery coffin, because this is Pretty Little Liars and there's always gonna be a body. Need more info? Us too. Luckily, showrunner Marlene King gave E! online an exclusive preview of what the girls have been up to since they left for college, when they left Rosewood and its seemingly endless parade of predatory men (and predatory women, occasionally!) behind for a little while. Read ahead for some mildly-spoilery updates...

Aria Montgomery
Aria works in publishing, which sounds about right, and she's dating her co-worker. This means Ezzzria has not reunited (thank god), except then Ezra gets a job at her company (please no, they're unbearable together!) But King says Ezra has changed a lot in five years, with "no sense of who he is and what he's supposed to be doing with his life." Oh.

Spencer Hastings
Spencer works in politics after graduating from Georgetown, which also makes so much sense. Her life in D.C. caused her to grow apart from Toby, the bumbling Rosewood cop with a beautiful face.

Hanna Marin
Hanna works in fashion now, because everyone is really living their truth! In a travesty that better get rectified in Season 6, she broke up with Caleb and now she's engaged to someone else. Meanwhile, Caleb's full-on besties with Toby now (aww!) and King says he'll have "anxiety" over Hanna's return. Haleb forever; they are PLL's greatest truth.

Emily Fields
It always felt like Emily had it especially rough over the past couple of seasons, and her past five years weren't the best either. Her military-man father died after she'd followed her heart (and maybe Paige?) to California, causing her to drop out of school and become a bartender. Prepare for Dark Emily in Season 6.

Alison DiLaurentis
As we saw in the time-jump preview at the end of last season, Alison teaches at Rosewood High. Who'd have predicted that Allie would be the townie? She's dating her sister's doctor (that's her sister CeCe, aka Charlotte, aka Charles, aka A), and she's asked the girls to come back and testify on behalf of the rehabilitated Charlotte. We'll see how that turns out.

Head over to E! to see new cast photos of the ladies in their mourning outfits, and let us know if you'll be watching on January 12 at 8 p.m. est.

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