Warning: Spoilers below!

Pretty Little Liars ended its Season 6 summer run last night (August 12), and revealed "A" to a collective gasp. Literally, as fans gasped at home, the camera panned to reveal each Liar reacting in shock. Their expressions were satisfying, to be honest, because same.

Less satisfying, for many, was the reveal of Charles DiLaurentis' present-day identity. As the gang watched from a live feed in Charles' lair — which was straight out of a Bond movie, and made Ezra's (still creepy) fake lair from Season 4 look like a jerry-rigged Radio Shack mess — Ali was at Radley Sanitarium, meeting her second brother. Except, they've already met. And...he's her sister now.

PLL show creator Marlene King had previously said viewers had met Charles before, and indeed we had: CeCe Drake is "Charlotte" DiLaurentis. In CeCe's version of events, Mr. DiLaurentis actually placed Charles at Radley because he was ashamed of Charles' emerging transgender identity. Charles "died" metaphorically, Charlotte was "born," and Mrs. DiLaurentis was supportive of the change, which explains all of the doubles of Alison's outfits that she used to buy.

We also learned that Bethany Young shoved Toby's mom off of Radley's roof but blamed it on Charlotte, and Charlotte/CeCe tried to attack Bethany in revenge but actually attacked Alison in her confusion. This is how Mrs. D ended up erroneously burying Alison on that First Fateful Night. Charlotte did NOT kill Mrs. D...so who did?

After hearing CeCe's labyrinthine justification for her truly insane actions — she met Mona at Radley, and decided to assume the "A" role for the way the Liars treated her sister Alison — the girls ultimately seem to forgive her. But according to fan reactions on Twitter, not everyone can forgive Pretty Little Liars for what they see as a disappointing revelation.

Aside from the fan-favorite "Wren is A" theory, the idea that Sara Harvey (the girls' fellow captive in The Dollhouse) was Charles had gained steam this season. Sara appeared out of nowhere, gave off sketchball vibes, and we all know Emily loves crazy girls. Plus, her last name is Harvey, and Batman baddie Two-Face is named Harvey Dent, GET IT? (there's levels to this). But the concept of a transgender villain felt like a dicey move, especially at a time when public is glacially moving toward trans tolerance with the help of spokespeople like Caitlyn Jenner. Sara turned out to be both Redcoat and Black Veil (what could her motive possibly be?), but the show did indeed choose to make their scheming mastermind a trans woman.

Though CeCe's gender identity wasn't portrayed as the driving force behind her crimes, mistreatment from her parents and other authority figures did seem to be a factor. It's all very complicated, to say the least.

Some fans felt weird about A's true identity and her motives:

Others felt even weirder about the fact that CeCe's trickery involved dating her own brother, Jason (!!):

A few were skeptical that CeCe was always supposed to be Charles, suspecting the choice was merely on-trend:

Others were simply let down:

And then there's perhaps the most important question of all. #FreeElla

For the record, only 14% of you voted that CeCe was Charles in our poll. How are you feeling about last night's resolution? Are you cool with the "five years later" jump ahead for next season? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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