Pretty Little Liars' summer season finale airs tonight (August 11), and we'll  allegedly finally be getting some answers. Even for the most true-blue fans of PLL's constant twists, Hitchcock-esque McGuffins and seemingly endless cast additions, this reveal has been a long time coming. But show creator Marlene King claims we'll know the identity of the girls' tormentor(s) mere hours from now.

Last week's prom episode, "Last Dance," was clearly meant to set up the finale's jaw-dropping revelations. Unfortunately, this buildup involved some frustrating, out-of-character stupidity from several Rosewood residents. Would Veronica Hastings ever let herself get so out-of-control wine drunk that she'd not only barge into the DiLaurentis' house to accuse Alison's dad of murder, but also get all of the Pretty Little Moms locked in the basement? Could the Liars and their boyfriends really be so dumb as to stand in an undercover cop's way and demand "answers" while he's trying to save their friend from being kidnapped? Okay, maybe that last one's a yes, because Toby may be the most bumbling cop ever (unless he's being terrible on purpose? Dun dun DUUUUUUN!)

The internet is aflame with #FAcetoFace rumors, and formulating "who is Charles?" theories has been a part-time job for some fans this season. Personally, given the many references to To Kill a Mockingbird's Boo Radley peppered throughout the series' run, I think Charles is either a complete red herring, or he's real and actually trying to help. But who is 'A'? And for that matter, who wears the red cape and the creepy masks? Shay Mitchell, who plays Emily, tells The Hollywood Reporter that "Fans are going to get their answers, for once and for all, and this isn't a fake. We are serious: You are going to see who ['A'] is."

King added that "You see dead people in the finale." Does this mean Mrs. DiLaurentis? Maya?? IAN??? The mind races.

And what's next for the Liars, once they're (possibly) free of A's clutches? Marlene King has chosen to take a page from Desperate Housewives' playbook and pull a "years later" time jump for Season 6. "A lot can happen in five years to each of those girls," Mitchell explains. "[The Liars] may not be together-together the entire time." But rest easy knowing that in that time, the Liars themselves have been resting easy: "During those five years, they are living a completely 'A'-free life."

Watch Marlene King reiterate the pledge that "you ARE going to come face to face with A" below. But before that, weigh in on two questions: Who is A — and if they and Charles aren't one and the same, who is Charles? Keep in mind that King says we've seen his face before...and we threw some wild cards in the poll to keep things WTF, in the insane-brains spirit of PLL.

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