There are lots of suspect events happening on tonight's episode of 'Pretty Little Liars,' according to the juicy promo for the third episode of the drama's fifth season. 'Surfing the Aftershocks' is bound to be packed with suspense and surprises.

In the above clip, the Liars are seen meeting with Principal Hackett before they return to school after a week-long break. Like most of the adults on 'PLL,' he doesn't seem to really grasp the situation, and instead coldly tells the girls they need to "do their part" (whatever he means by that) to get everything back to normal.

The above promo vid tells us just how much the Liars are going to struggle for everything to go back to normal, no matter how much they or Hackett may want normalcy. As if coming up with an alibi for when the police uncover the lies in Ali's kidnapping story wasn't enough, Aria is also being pressured into having a discussion with Ezra about New York that she is definitely not reading to undertake.

In the third and final promo, Melissa sees Spencer spying on the DiLaurentis household and warns her she should stay away from that family because of how much they hate the Hastings. Melissa also confronts her sister about sending Toby after her, and in turn Spencer confronts Melissa's lie about seeing Toby in London. Once again, a boy is the cause of drama between the Hastings sisters. Surprise, surprise!

What do you think, 'PLL' fans? Are you looking forward to tonight's episode?

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