The battle of who are the rightful heirs of the Prince estate is still raging on as the purported niece and grandniece are claiming that they are also entitled to a piece of the estate as well.

However, Prince siblings are asking a judge to deny Brianna Nelson and Victoria Nelson’s legal petition to be included in the estate.

Under Minnesota law, only the parents of a deceased celebrity can inherit an estate. But since Prince’s parents are both deceased, the inheritance is then transferred to the biological children and/or adoptive siblings.

Therefore Prince’s only sister, Tyka Nelson, or his five surviving half-siblings - Omarr Baker, Alfred Jackson, John Nelson, Norrine Nelson and Sharon Nelson - are in line to share the estate under Minnesota law, which estimated at between $100 million and $300 million in total.

According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, attorneys for Brianna and Victoria maintains that “heirship” shouldn’t be determined by genetics in probate matters. They say behavioral evidence should also be considered.

Brianna is the daughter of the late Duane J. Nelson, Sr., who died in 2011, and Victoria is the daughter of his son, the late Duane Nelson Jr., who was Brianna’s half brother. Duane Jr. died in 2006.

Lawyers for Prince’s siblings are asking a judge to deny Brianna and Victoria's claims and let the Minnesota Law stand. They also complained that the ongoing dispute is draining the estate’s resources and want to halt any additional discovery or evidentiary hearings on the issue.

However, Carver County District Judge Kevin Eide has already found that Brianna and Victoria Nelson have presented a plausible enough case to proceed and don't need to undergo genetic testing.

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