Late Monday night, a series of explosions rocked the Blue Rhino LP gas plant in Tavares, Florida, injuring eight workers, five of them critically

The cause of the explosions is currently unknown. All staff members at the plant have been accounted for, and there does not seem to be any further danger.

According to Lake County spokesman John Herrell, "The employees were able to escape and scatter away because the explosion was not in their part of the building."

Marni Whitehead, a resident of Tavares, watched the series of explosions from the safety of her house about a mile away. "We knew right away it was the plant, the propane plant," Whitehead said. "After that, it was just sort of panic. And it was just boom after boom after boom."

At the Blue Rhino plant, there are about 53,000 twenty-pound propane tanks. There are also three bulk tanks, which hold about 90,000 pounds of propane each. Fortunately, none of them ignited. "The fact that those things didn't explode, that's the reason I go to church on Sunday," said Eric Wages, battalion chief of a nearby Tavares Fire station.

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