Are you already wondering what the heck you're going to do with all this candy? Here's a way you can reduce your candy stash and help out the troops.

How long does it take for the excitement of all that candy to wear off? Not soon enough? The folks at Lincoln Davies have done something really cool for several years now. Donate your leftover Halloween candy at their store (or at a drop-off bin in area schools) by November 17th, and they'll send it to the troops at Fort Drum.

Lincoln Davies logo

Lincoln Davies is a home improvement gem in our area. It's one of a handful of locally owned shops, and they pride themselves in their high quality lumber and other products. As they say - "it's worth the drive to find 'em". They're on Summit Road in Sauquoit off Route 12.

Soldier Reading Letter

This really is a great way to teach sharing and a way to honor our troops. But the best part is you might be able to slow down that sugar high that's running through your house.


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