The Army is planning to reduce its force by 70,000 soldiers and the cuts could affect Fort Drum, drastically. The base could lose up to 16,000. That’s over 80% of the 19,000 soldiers at Fort Drum. Plus, over 4,500 other jobs in the community would be lost, eliminating a third of Jefferson County’s job force.

Fort Drum is not only the largest employer in Northern New York, it's the largest 'Single Site' employer in New York State, contributing more than $1.8 billion annually to the local economy. Unlike most military bases, Fort Drum is deeply integrated into the community with the military and public sharing healthcare and school systems. Fort Drum and the North Country are proven assets to the Army’s mission, making it a place to make investments, not cuts.

The Army is coming to town for a listening session March 20th at Jefferson Community College. A rally is planned before the event and everyone is encouraged to attend. You can also sign the petition to support Ft Drum and their troops.

The community isn't the only ones supporting Ft Drum. 85 state lawmakers are standing together to help save the base from budget cuts. They've signed a letter sent to Governor Cuomo, asking him to fight for Ft Drum.

“The men and women of Fort Drum and throughout our Armed Forces stand ready to answer the nation’s call to defend freedom. We owe it to them to stand together on behalf of Fort Drum and the courageous members of the 10th Mountain Division,” said the letter.

The military cuts were approved by Congress in 2011 as part of Sequestration. President Obama's latest budget proposal would restore $38 billion in defense spending, but it's not expected to pass.

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