Some of you are probably laughing (or cursing) already cause if you know me and have observed my driving style, you know I drive like a NASCAR driver who forgets he's not on the track! Most passengers who find themselves in my car tend to see their lives passing before their eyes (if their eyes are open that is) and end up gripping the hand hold like that little thing is going to save them. I'm not exactly the most qualified person to write on this but thought you'd get a kick out of a few driving pet-peeves from a driver who is usually the one getting yelled at.

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    The Tandem Blockers

    This is where two cars in each lane of a two-lane road somehow magically decide to go the exact same speed thereby creating a wall that no one can get through. They do call it the passing lane for a reason and I know nobody likes looking at the back end of a tractor trailer for miles, but we lead-foots will be on our merry way in no time.

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    The Horn-Blower

    Now of course tapping the horn to alert someone of your presence BEFORE they smack into you is definitely a must and I appreciate hearing that little toot from someone when they're in my blind spot, but blaring it just to let off some steam seems like a tad overkill. Besides, I'm not sure how they even accomplish honking at all... I'm usually too busy avoiding crashing into someone who cuts me off to even have the presence of mind to free up a hand to hit the horn.

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    The Indecisive Passee

    You know how this works, you're passing someone and they speed up, get ahead of you and then slow down, and then you try to pass them again, wash rinse repeat. Not quite sure if they're just reminded they're going too slow when we try to pass them or if they have a foot twitch, but how bout flipping on that cruise control next time to remedy both ailments. The same goes for the indecisive passer as well, just commit to passing and 'git er dun'.

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    The Line Cutters

    You're in a traffic jam with hundreds of other cars and people start passing you on the right and then shove themselves into the line not all that far ahead of you (which actually makes the jam much worse). I'm puzzled as to why this is accepted behavior on the road but not in any other line you happen to be in on foot... Right? If I tried that in line at Voss's, I'd get decked!

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    Drivers With %22High Mileage%22

    Well, not the car's odometer, but theirs... Nothing against drivers that are in their twilight years as long as they continue to contribute to the motorist cause without turning themselves into a moving hazard. Airplane pilots get frequent competency and medical exams to ensure safety no matter their age, maybe this should be the same for drivers of non-flying machines.