You hear it every day - on the radio, on TV, from friends at work - It seems like everyone is just 'losing it.' Why is that?

It seems like the "craziness" is becoming more common - Becoming so common that soon it's just going to be a way of life. We're talking about all the people that just seem to "snap," the people who just can't take it anymore. You've probably seen plenty of reports of it on the news - whether it's a road-rage story that ends up causing a fight, or causing someone to lose their life, or the senseless killings of innocent people, or even the reports of family members killing each other - And no one knows why. It's like they all of a sudden just "lost it."

You've probably seen it first-hand, maybe at a grocery store or convenience store when a customer completely freaks out, and you're standing there wondering what the big deal is. The fact that the cashier can't accept that coupon is no reason to blow up so bad.

Why does it feel like so many people are going crazy? Why does it seem like people are starting to just lose their minds?

Well, Naomi Lynn thinks she may know the answer (if it's not the answer, she believes it's at least a part of the problem).

Our society. Okay, before you say "duh," let her explain...

 We live in a society that is just go, go, go. People have given themselves so many responsibilities and work constantly to not even be the best, but to just keep up. There is always so much to do and not enough time to get it done and that's building up a lot of stress in people's lives. Not only the stress, but the lack of sleep. Lack of sleep is more dangerous than people give it credit for. Not getting enough sleep can make people act odd or different, and combine that with constant pressure that keeps building up? Well, it's no wonder people are losing it...

Not only that, but the fact that news travels so fast, we're getting constantly bombarded with all these horrific stories about shootings and accidents and everything in between. Hearing all these negative stories can add to the stress in your life, whether you think it really affects you or not.

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So what do we do?

Well for one, don't skip on the vacation days. If your work allows you time off, take it. You may not want to because you think that you'll come back to more work (which you may), but vacations are important! They give your body and mind a chance to relax and recharge. They'll also help your stress-levels drop - Even if it's just during the time of your vacation.

Also, look into a way of relieving stress. Even if you don't feel like you're that stressed out, you should have at least one activity that you can go if you start feeling the pressure. It could be as simple as getting lost in a book for an hour, or going out for a run. Whatever it is, find something that you like, that let's you escape for a little bit.


What do you think? Does Naomi Lynn make a point? Could all the stress and lack of sleep in people's lives cause them to snap? Or is our world really just going crazy? Let us know what you think in the "comments section" at the bottom of this page.



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