Road rage is becoming a serious issue. It seems like no one is able to control their temper these days (especially behind the wheel). Be honest - Do you have road rage?

angry driver
Photo Credit: Vladimir Mucibabic/ThinkStock

This isn't meant to call anyone out - it's just a simple question. More curiosity than anything else. It seems like road rage has been getting so bad lately. Not only is it getting more violent - with people actually killing other people over it, but it's also getting more frequent. Even if you're not the victim or the culprit of road rage, just driving around for a day you're sure to see it.

So here's the simple question: Are you guilty of road rage? Even if it's something small like someone pulls out in front of you, so you get angry and ride their bumper all the way to work. Or do you participate on a bigger scale - maybe get in front of the other car and then hit your breaks?

This poll is completely anonymous - We just want to know the truth. How many people really give in to their anger and are guilty of road rage?




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