road rage

Road Rage Incident [VIDEO]
Just the other day, again, the driver behind me just had to get around me only to slow down in front of me to exit. "Just get in line like they taught you in kindergarten" I yelled to myself. Or how about the driver traveling in the merging lane, and not getting off, or over, makin…
Tailgating Payback [VIDEO]
Patience is a virtue. But this truck driver just had to get around a driver who videoed his road rage and caught the instant karma of his impatience on camera for all to enjoy.
Crazy Motorcycle Rider [VIDEO]
The other day a motorcyclist passed me going about 80 to 85mph. A few days before that I noticed a motorcyclist passing everyone on the right shoulder. I's not always the car drivers fault. Many motorcyclists do some crazy things. Who knows what was going through this guy's he…