When we last left 'Ravenswood,' Caleb, Remy, Luke, and Olivia conducted a séance in an attempt to communicate with Abby Wheeler, a woman who dated Luke and Olivia's father before dying in the same deadly pattern that also claimed Miranda's life. The teens' conjuring only led them to more clues (specifically, the words FIVE and PACT) in their continued search for answers.

The episode begins with Miranda wandering through a graveyard, searching for Abby. She soon spots Abby -- along with the other four teens who died with her -- but they run away when Miranda draws near. When Miranda arrives at Abby's grave, the tombstone breaks in half.

Since the séance, Caleb, Remy, and Olivia are desperate for more information (Why didn't they die in the accident? Should they all be dead like Miranda?), but Luke wants no part of it. Due to his failing grades, he is forced into joining the school play opposite Olivia's frenemy Tess, whom he kisses while practicing a scene. Meanwhile, the rest of the teens -- including Miranda's ghost -- set out on their quest.

Olivia finds out that her mother has some sort of history with Miranda's uncle, who did not get along with Olivia's father. Now that the others are able to see her, Miranda appears in front of Olivia, and tells her that Collins has kept newspaper clippings of her father's murder. When the two go to investigate, they find dozens of drawers filled with jars of hair -- all grouped in fives, except for one jar, which bears Miranda's initials.

Meanwhile, Caleb and Remy find an old uncle of Caleb's: Henry, the brother of the Caleb Rivers who died in a boating accident in 1918. When they probe him for answers, Henry tells them only that his father, the old bailiff of Ravenswood, disappeared after Caleb's death.

Later that evening, Miranda appears in front of Caleb and tells him that he should leave Ravenswood, and believes her uncle is more dangerous than they thought. Caleb confesses he can't leave because he's confused: about the pact, about the pattern, and about her. The two have a moment -- just a look, Haleb fans! -- before being interrupted by Henry, who barges into the house and gives Caleb a necklace with a key.

The next day, Caleb and Remy search the basement of the high school, since it just so happens to to be the old county courthouse, where the bailiff's key might fit. In their hunt, they find a box that fits the key, but the key breaks inside before they can open it.

While rehearsing his play on stage, Luke spies Miranda, who appears in the auditorium looking for Caleb. As he goes offstage to get some clarity, he runs into the rest of the three living teens, and they are almost killed by a falling piece of equipment. Miranda, still in the auditorium, sees another person she was desperately longing for: her dead mother.

That night, Luke confesses to Remy that he kissed Tess, and tells her that he can't go on in a relationship surrounded by so much unhappiness.

Caleb confronts Miranda's uncle, telling him he knows about his creepy collection -- but when he goes to open the drawers, they're empty. In anger, he kicks the mysterious box open, and stares in awe as the camera cuts to black, and Miranda walks away with her mother.

While only the fourth week of the series, next week's episode (its fifth) is set to be the last one of the year. Will 'Ravenswood' provide us with any answers, or only more questions? Stay tuned to find out.