Hold on to your hats... No seriously, hold on to them. The Great New York State Fair is bringing a thrill-ride to their midway that breaks records across the world!

Ferris Wheel and Food Vendor at Fair
Photo by: Joe Raedle/Getty Images News

If you are the adventurous type (or maybe your kids are), this is a ride you're definitely going to need to check out at the state fair this year. It's called the 'Mega Drop,' and it does exactly what it says - it drops you... Just from really, REALLY high up.

Photos have been posted on Facebook, to let people know the ride is coming to the fair this year. According to the Great New York State Fair's Facebook Page,

...the largest portable drop tower in the world is coming to the Wade Shows Midway this year. Do you have what it takes to face the Mega Drop?

That's right - the state fair is calling you out! Are you brave enough to handle the huge drop of this tower? Think about it - The view has to be beautiful from the top, before you actually fall to the Earth.

I had to stalk out more information on this ride. I wanted to know exactly how tall it was (I wanted to know how fast it went as well, but I guess I wasn't going to get that info). According to Carnival Warehouse,

  The Mega Drop is a 120' drop tower that actually catapults the gondola to the ground.

If you're still wondering how big is this thrill ride, or what it's like to ride something like this, I have an answer for you! I found this handy-dandy video on YouTube, so you can see what it's like...

Looks fun, if you ask me. You can get a good view of the fairgrounds, show your kids you're not afraid, and get a rush like no other. I'd say do it! And like I said a million times before, 'You're NEVER too old for fair rides!'



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