The Academy Awards are this Sunday if you haven’t heard 20,000 times by now! It will be hosted by Anne Hathaway and James Franco. Last year had a lot of different movies that spotlighted different forms of love. What did we learn from them? took some 2010 movies and gleaned relationship advice from them. Check it out:

  • Scott Pilgrim v. The World: Don't become a prisoner to the past; all that matters is that the person you're with is with you now.
  • Greenberg: When someone is hurtful, recognize they're going through their own pain. We only hurt the ones we love ...
  • The Social Network: Communication is everything, so try not to get so self-involved.
  • The Kids Are All Right: Always see your partner for who they really are, and don't take them for granted.
  • Toy Story 3: Love is more important than material things, so don't worry about status symbols.
  • Love And Other Drugs: Being direct about what you want is sometimes the best way to go.
  • Blue Valentine: You can only change so much to satisfy someone else, and if that fails it's time to move on.
  • Chloe:  If you're with someone, even if it's just one date, try to see the good in them and they'll reciprocate.
  • Easy A: A little chivalry goes a long way, gentlemen. 


What movie best describes your love life right now?