Remington Arms in Ilion has announced a round of layoffs.

Assemblyman Marc Butler confirmed to WIBX that the firearms manufacturer will be cutting 105 jobs from the Ilion location this week.

This comes after the company announced earlier this year that at least 80 local jobs would be moved to the new Huntsville, Alabama plant to operate the Bushmaster and R1 automatic handgun lines.

There is no word yet if any more layoffs are coming.

Butler and Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney released statements concerning Monday's announcement:

“The latest announcement from Remington Arms, although not unexpected, is still deeply disappointing for our community." Assemblyman Butler said. "This is more than 100 of our friends, neighbors and relatives whose families now face an uncertain future.  Our thoughts are with them.  While the company in its statement attributed the job shifts to current market conditions, I believe that the transfer of the Bushmaster line resulted in some part from it falling under the provisions of Gov. Cuomo’s illegal Safe Act.  I have promised to work with company officials, local, state and federal representatives, to ensure a continued presence for Remington Arms in Ilion and the Mohawk Valley.  I believe the fundamental point of Remington’s statement is that this is a business decision and is in NO WAY related to any concerns regarding the quality and exceptional commitment of the Remington workforce here.”


"My first emotion is deep sadness for the community, especially the affected employees who are hardworking, upstanding citizens, Tenney said. "Remington Arms has been an anchor in this community for nearly two hundred years. New York is home to Remington and Remington's families. I will work hard with anyone to help those affected and Remington through this difficult process. My office doors are always open. But we cannot forget what has pushed Remington to this point - the so-called SAFE Act and the horrendous business climate in New York. Ill-conceived anti-firearms policies shoved through without due consideration like the Governor Andrew Cuomo's SAFE Act cost jobs. The SAFE Act should be repealed before it does any more damage to our businesses, communities and freedoms."

WIBX will have more information as it becomes available.