One of the stops on the Haunted Rails Ghost Train is going to be the Remsen Community Arts Center, a converted church on Main Street, in Remsen. This building has a long and varied history, and if you pay close attention while there, may be home to a spirit or two.

The Remsen Community Arts Center was initially the First Baptist Church, in Remsen. It was built in 1892, and was the result of the combination of two separate churches. As there had historically been tension between the two churches, they made the decision to build a new building that represented the joining of the two congregations. This new Church was the only Welsh Baptist Church in Oneida County.

In the early 1990s the church congregation became too small to sustain the church, and the building was sold to the Masons, and was utilized as a Masonic Temple. In the early 2000s the church was once again used as a Baptist church, but this was short lived, and the building was again unoccupied.

The building is currently the home of the Remsen Community Arts Center, and is utilized for concerts, art shows, and other community events. The building had started to slide into disrepair, and the Arts Center has revitalized the building by repainting, as well as making the building more accessible to the community.

In recent years, rumors that the building is haunted have surfaced. Reports have been made of feeling watched, or seeing shadow figures out of the corner of their eye, which disappear when looked at closely. When visiting the building, keep your eyes open. You may just see something.

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