While exploring the Ilion area, we stumbled on the Historic Main Street area - which raised more questions than it answered.

If you're driving through the Ilion area - Just passing through, you probably won't notice this historic place. You may not even know it exists. But if you live in the area, you know the story behind this "secret" area.

While taking a nice stroll through Ilion, down by the Dollar General plaza, we noticed a pathway leading to the back of the store. And where did that pathway take us?

The sign said "Historic Main Street," and it was one of the neatest places we've stumbled upon. Having no idea this area was even there, we walked the brick sidewalks and looked at all the storefronts. The only problem? There was nothing left. All the stores had moved out.


What a beautiful area in Ilion, but it feels like it's being wasted. What happened? Why did all the stores and businesses move away from this spot? Will there be any hope in restoring this area and bringing the shops back in?



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