According to reports, 2019 was a big year for UFO sightings across the United States. New York reportedly saw a 52 percent increase in reports from 2018. So, what's with the big increase last year? Perhaps more media attention? The U.S. Pentagon even admitted they investigated the phenomenon after Navy pilots claim they spotted unidentified flying objects during training exercises.

The National UFO Reporting Center said the most recent sighting was actually in Fishkill on December 22 at round 8:35 P.M. Whether it's really a sign of extraterrestrial life or something simpler and more down to Earth, New York state has long had a history with these sort of strange sightings. In fact, we are fifth in the nation for UFO reports.

In popular culture, UFO sightings are sometimes labeled as more of a "rural thing". It's something people see out in the country far away from any sort of reliable witnesses. This sometimes leads for less than flattering labels being thrown at those who report sightings.

However, it's not just something people in New York state are seeing in the middle of nowhere. The NY Post says UFO sightings in New York City are way up last year. One Brooklyn woman posted a video on Facebook page of something strange in the night sky October 20.

Have you seen anything strange in the sky that you can not explain?

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