We asked you what flavor of Saranac soda is the absolute best, and you answered. The votes are in, they have been tallied, and we have a winner...

Alright, the results are in and we can end the debate once and for all. Central New Yorkers have voiced their opinion, and have picked the BEST Saranac soda flavor... And it may be a little surprising.

I say that, because Saranac's Root Beer didn't win. Which many people thought was a "sure thing."

On the same side of that, Saranac's Black Cherry Cream, the one that I was sure was going to win, didn't win either.

Alright... Are you ready for the results?? Are you ready to find out what everyone named as the number one, best Saranac soda??

With just under 36% of the votes, the winner is "Shirley Temple!" Are you surprised?? I know I was. The second place spot goes to Saranac's Root Beer, which had just over 26% of the votes. Third place goes to "orange cream," with a little over 12% of the votes.

As for the rest of the Saranac sodas that were included in this poll, here's where they fell in the voting:

Ginger beer: 7%
Diet root beer: 6%
Black cherry cream: 6%
Diet ginger beer: 0%
Sparkling lemonade: 0%

****The totals (above) were rounded to the nearest percentage.


Did you think that's how the results were going to turn out? I know I was REALLY surprised. I was NOT expecting that, but maybe that's because I haven't given Saranac's Shirley Temple soda much thought. Actually, I've never tried that flavor... But now it looks like I need to. It looks like I've been missing out!




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