Paul Revere rides again in Rome New York on the 4th of July. The iconic Revere Copper and Brass sign is being brought back to life, and here's the full schedule of events.

"What better time to relight this iconic sign than on the 4th of July? We hope it will shine brightly for years to come, bringing pride and good feelings for all to enjoy."

The iconic sign, commemorating Paul Revere’s midnight ride, has been dark for over 20 years in Rome and will be relit on the 4th of July for 2024. Part of the plan, was to modernize the technology of the sign while still maintaining the classic appearance. Revere has done just that.

Here's an official schedule of events for the 4th of July celebration:

"5:00 pm
Event Starts

5:30 pm
Music by the Silver Arrow Band

6:15 pm
Opening Remarks by Mayor Jeffrey Lanigan

7:45 pm
Introductions by Ryan O’Shaughnessy

9:15 pm
Remarks by Mike O’Shaughnessy

9:20 pm
Sign Re-lighting and Fireworks"

You can check more on the official website.

Copper City Brewing Hosting Events Throughout The Day

Copper City Brewing will be hosting a party throughout the day as well. Here's a look at their current schedule:

Eric has brewed the iconic Revere Beer amber lager that will be on tap at the brewery and at the celebration site. They are also canning a very limited amount in 6-packs to commemorate this special day.

"12:00 - CCBC opens
2:00 - CCBC food trucks open
2-4:00 - Live tunes with Mark Zappavigna, CCBC taproom
4:30 - CCBC serving at 1333 E. Dominick St. celebration site
5:00 - City of Rome and Revere begin celebration and music"

You can read more on Facebook here.

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