Why not do something for those a little less fortunate this holiday season with a reverse advent calendar?

The idea has been seen posted on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites - And it's a really unique idea for the holidays. You already know how an advent calendar works, right? Although there are many different variations of the calendar, most people recognize the 24-day box one with little trinkets for each day. You lift up the flap that corresponds with what day it is, and you get the gift that's inside.

Well, a reverse advent calendar is exactly what it sounds like - Instead of receiving something small every day for those 24 days, you give something. You put something into the box every day - Whether it's a pair of new gloves, a can of soup, or box of macaroni-and-cheese... Just something small for each day. And the point of it is to donated those items to a local organization that helps those in need for the holidays - Like the Rome Rescue Mission, Salvation Army, Rescue Mission of Utica, or any place like that.

So instead of getting all those little gifts, maybe start a new tradition this year and give those little gifts to those in need. That's the main focus of the holiday season, isn't it - Giving to those who are less fortunate?



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