There are a variety of things that make a bar great for the perfect happy hour, one of those things being first-hand experience. These 10 all have that.

After a stressful and what feels like an eternal day at work, sometimes you need a little unwinding. Some people decide to go home and binge the latest and greatest series Netflix has to offer. There are other people, and many of them, that decide to hit up a bar to have a few drinks to forget the stress that day brought. If you're one of those people, these 10 bars certainly will help make sure your worries disappear briefly.

What Exactly Makes A Bar A Great Happy Hour Bar?

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There really are a variety of things, first and foremost, it is you. Just like picking a bar to go to for any reason, it has to be a bar that appeals to you. A bar that has the kind of vibe that meshes with your personality. Are you going to go to a bar that has a super young crowd with a touch louder music playing if you want to relax? Probably not. That bar isn't a bad choice, but you'll be better served at a different style establishment.

Beer or Cocktails?


This is another aspect that makes a happy hour bar great. If they do a great job at both, more than likely you'll enjoy the experience much better for that off chance you need a good strong cocktail for the extra horrendous day you've experienced.

Price & Deals

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It is very arguable, the factors mentioned above may not have a bit of influence where you go. When it comes to happy hour, it may be as simple as this, who has the best deal going on? If you can get a two for one at a certain bar, why go to another serving one drink for the same price?


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Reviews are one of the best ways to find a good happy hour bar. Why? You're going to see the best and the worst certain bars offer. On top of that, you'll also get first-hand accounts of what the vibes are like, the deals, and the crowd.

So here we are, the 10 best happy hours in Utica according to reviews on yelp. Do any of your favorite bars crack the top 10?

10 Of The Best Happy Hour Spots Utica Could Possibly Offer

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