What a portrait of the modern American family! Latin singer Ricky Martin and his precious twins, Matteo and Valentino, 3, cover the April issue of the Spanish edition of Vanity Fair. While many will gawk at the incredibly good-looking Martin, his boys really steal the show, as they are utterly presh. We want to eat them up with a spoon. Squeeze!

In the accompanying feature, the ‘Glee‘ guest star speaks about his sexuality, as an out and proud gay man. He also touches on his relationship with his partner Carlos Gonzales Abella and about uniting in marriage. He also offered up the highest of praise for the mother of Matteo and Valentino.

Seriously, with names like that, those boys are going to be heartbreakers. Martin is no longer livin’ la vida loca. He’s content with family life.

Martin, who came out in 2010, confessed to having had relationships with both men and women and that he enjoyed his romances with females: “I have slept with women and I fell in love with them and I felt wonderful things,” he revealed.”There was a lot of love [and] passion.”

He also has the utmost respect for she who birthed the twins. “I would give my life to the woman who helped me bring my children into the world,” he said. He is adamant that he did not “rent a womb,” since that an “expression is used by fundamentalist conservatives.”

Ricky Martin has got to be a great dad.

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