The New Year is almost here! Let's start things off right by leaving these bad habits, sayings, and ways of life, where they belong - in 2015.

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Oh what a year 2015 has been. With conspiracies, stupid trends, weird things that have become a way of life... Maybe it's time we take a look back, and dump some of the junk. Let's start 2016 off right, let's make it a good year. But to be able to do that, here are some of the things we're going to need to get rid of...

 1 - Spoilers on Facebook or Twitter

Seriously, knock this off. Not everyone gets to see the same shows at the same time. If you want to talk about it private message a friend, talk to a coworker, or something - Don't be posting it all over Facebook or tweeting about it. There were enough shows and movies ruined in 2015 because of this.

2 - Speaking of Facebook...

Enough already with the 'prizes,' or internet chain letters. Do you really think copying and pasting a status to your wall is going to make Mark Zuckerburg give you a million dollars?

Criminal Charges Announced Against Baltimore Police Officers In Freddie Gray's Death
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3 - Tension Across the Country

2015 saw some of the most heartbreaking and angering news stories across America and throughout the world. With that came tension between races, gender, sexual preferences, religion, and everything else in between. This HAS to stop. 2016 needs to reunite us again - let's make it happen!

4 - Hate for Your Hometown

Why does everyone love to hate on where they're from? What's wrong with having a little hometown pride - Especially in Central New York. Why not give up the hate, and start 2016 with a little sense of pride?
If that's too hard to do, and it's such a big deal to hate where you live... Why don't you move in 2016. Maybe to a place you don't feel the need to complain about so much about.

5 - "Bae"

Just stop using it - It's stupid.

Opening Ceremony + Calvin Klein Jeans Celebrate The Launch Of The #mycalvins Denim Series With Special Guest Kendall Jenner
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6 - Celebrity Overload

There's nothing wrong with following your favorite celebrities and getting the latest stories on them, but when the biggest news is Kim Kardashian's matching outfit with North West... well, it's time to stop. Enjoy your celebrity gossip, but don't let it be the ONLY news you get.

7 - Taking Tinder Seriously

You really think Tinder is going to lead you to that perfect match, that you'll meet the man or woman of your dreams on Tinder? Yeah, that's what I thought...

8 - Bullying

What has to happen before we get rid of this problem? How many people have to lose their lives before we start making changes? I understand some changes are being put in place in schools and such, but isn't there more that can be done? Shouldn't we be focusing on this?

9 - And On That Same Note...

Body-shaming. It needs to be left in 2015. We need to start loving ourselves for who we are, and loving others for how they are. Who cares if you have a few extra pounds (or a lot of extra pounds?) Who cares if you're extremely tall or a extremely short? Who cares if your skinny? Be happy with yourself - stop body-shaming others, and stop body-shaming YOURSELF!!!

 10 - "Netflix and Chill"

Just stop.

A Hoverboard
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11 - The Hoverboard Craze

What's the deal with these sideways scooters without handles? Really, that's all they are. It's not even a 'hoverboard' - It doesn't hover. It has wheels! Apparently, it's the coolest new toy for teenagers and rich adults... and it belongs in 2015.

 12 - Using a LOT of Make-Up

Sure, there's nothing wrong with putting on some make-up, dressing up nice, or anything like that. This is all about the people who spend three hours putting on their make-up, using those contour kits, and looking like a completely different person. Make-up is suppose to highlight your features, not create them.

2015 American Music Awards - Arrivals
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13 - ...And Stop with the Eyebrows!

STOP DRAWING IN YOUR EYEBROWS!!! Those square-fronted, pointy eyebrows NEED to end! I don't think anything has driven me more crazy this year, than seeing this on almost every woman's face. WHY?!?!

14 - Attention-Seeking Online Stunts

A few years ago it was 'planking,' and the less common 'owling.' Now the trends just get stupider and stupider. Remember the cinnamon challenge? What about taking those extreme-selfies (you know, in front of oncoming trains, or on top of skyscrapers). Well, this year was no exception to the stupidity. This year was the 'phone-pinching' challenge, and we can't bring that garbage into 2016 with us.

15 - Fake Facebook, Twitter, and Other Social Media Accounts

I'm sure you've had it happen to you - A person tries to add you on Facebook or Twitter, but there's no connection to you. There's no way for this person to actually know you. If you do end up adding them, they tag you and tweet to you, but it's ads for clothes, or sunglasses. It's the worst! Sell your junk somewhere else!

16 - The Stupidity

Let's be a little smarter in 2016. Instead of re-posting everything you see on Facebook, and re-tweeting every 'breaking news story,' maybe we should do a little research. Make sure you're posting from a credible source. Make sure you're not just spreading an internet hoax. And if you do, hopefully your friends and followers will do their research, and find out whether it's true or not before they re-post it.


Let's make 2016 great! Let's leave all this junk in the past and start the new year off fresh, and with a clean slate.

Happy New Year!




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