Slice Pizzeria in Utica, New York is known for their Purple Cow Wings, but now they're getting attention for alleged bad service after an exchange between an employee and customer landed on Facebook.

A woman complained on Slice Pizzeria's Facebook Page about the service she received. The company responded back, starting a firestorm.

Read some of the exchanges posted on the reviews of the Slice Pizza Facebook page.


Some comments on the review page have since been removed and more comments suggest bad customer service, long wait times, and rude or unprofessional behavior when taking customer's orders. The company still holds a 4.7 out of 5 star rating.

The issue was addressed on the Slice Facebook page Sunday, February 14th but was also removed.

Yesterday we had a really irate women that posted a lot of vulgarity and personal attacks. We have moved employees around to have the best on the counter. In a fast pace like it is at Slice things can be taken the wrong way. My guys like to get to know the customers and fool around sometimes. I always say pretend your a bank teller. At the same time we are not corporate owned and don't have to tolerate people yelling, swearing , complaining about prices. All we want to do is serve good food and make people happy. We all do our best . We thank everyone for your support and understanding.

Slice Pizzeria is located at 2007 Genesee Street in Utica.

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