Want to get away for a day or the weekend? Instead of the usual adventures in our area, maybe it's time to consider heading to the Catskills.

When most people think about getting away for a day or two, they usually think about heading up north to the Adirondacks, or heading west towards the Finger Lakes Region. There's one area though, that doesn't seem to get the attention or recognition it deserves - The Catskills. If you're looking for a different, unique trip, you may want to consider this area of New York. Here's just a few things you can see and do...

Zip-Lining at Hunter Mountain

It's the highest and longest zip-line and canopy tour in all of North America - How cool is that?! In some areas you'll be about 600 feet off the ground and will travel at speeds up to 50 miles per hour. There are some less "crazy" zip-lines that don't take you as high or as fast too, which makes it perfect for the whole family. The zip-line is open all year, so even in the winter you can enjoy this adventurous activity. Check out the video below to see what you can expect:

Monticello Casino and Raceway

If you would rather stay on the ground for your mini-getaway, maybe try testing your luck at the casino and raceway. Monticello Casino is a 40,000 square foot entertainment facility with tons of slot machines, games, live entertainment, and of course restaurants. If you want  to take a break from the gaming, they have the "Lava Lounge" which hosts live bands every Friday and Saturday night. You can get more details on the Monticello Casino and Raceway here.

The Catskill Scenic Trail

This is the perfect way to get out in nature during your day (or two) getaway. You can hike, bike, horseback ride, or run the trail - Or even ski it during the winter months. According to  CatskillScenicTrail.org,

The western Catskill Mountains of Delaware County offer some of the most stunning rolling mountain vistas. The headwaters for the Delaware River flow through the region providing fertile ground for farming on the river valleys and sweeping up gentle slopes to the mountain tops...

Sounds beautiful, doesn't it?! You can spend the morning or afternoon hiking or biking the trail, taking in some of the best and most breath-taking views. Find out more about the trail and see a whole map of it here.

River in mountain

Bailiwick Ranch and Animal Park

Now this adventure is perfect for the whole family - Grandparents, parents, teens, kids - Everyone! Bailiwick Ranch and Animal park has exotic animals that have been donated or rescued - Like tigers, camels, and bears. They also have domestic animals, and some farm animals that can be fed and pet. The park also has an area for paintball if you want to go that way, or you can go horseback riding. Check their website though, for hours and pricing (parts of the park are open all year, but not all of it).


And if you're just looking for a little adventure (for a few hours) or something to wrap up your trip to the Catskills, you can catch a movie at one of the drive-in theaters - There's two of them. There is the Greenville Drive-In in Greenville and the Hi-Way Drive-In located between Catskill and Coxsackie. So what's so special about going to a drive-in theater? Well, if the video (below) doesn't make you want to go... Nothing will.




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