With so much to see and do in Rome, I had to break this into a two-part series. This weekend I headed back to Rome for "New to Naomi," to find more things the city had to offer.

Naomi Lynn/TSM

The Capitol Theatre

When I asked on Lite 98.7's Facebook page where I should go in Rome, there was a suggestion to check out The Capitol Theatre, so I did. I didn't see a show... yet. My plan is to head back January 28, and see "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland."

Naomi Lynn/TSM


A little retail therapy never hurt anyone. There are tons and TONS of shopping areas in Rome, but I stopped at this one first. I mean come on, JCPenney, Rue 21, and Marshalls all in the same shopping plaza?! Yes, please!

The Delta Lake

I was actually heading to the Delta Lake Inn, but decided to keep driving just to see where the road would take me. It was a great choice, if you ask me. I drove by The Delta Lake State Park, and followed the road along the lake. It was beautiful. It reminded me of pictures you see on postcards and in books - this winding road with trees bending over on side of the road, and the lake on the other side. I'm definitely going to have to drive through this area again in the springtime, with leaves on the trees, and an unfrozen lake.

Naomi Lynn/TSM

The Delta Lake Inn

I finally turned back around and headed to The Delta Lake Inn. I wanted to make it there for their 'Sunday Champagne Brunch,' but getting up early on Sunday is asking a lot of myself. So I went for dinner instead. My server told me some of the history behind The Delta Lake Inn, including the fact that The Delta Lake Inn was a speakeasy during prohibition.

I had their chicken riggies for dinner, and they were delicious. Every place I go and order chicken riggies, it always tastes different, but they're always good. I don't know how anyone could pick a favorite. Anyway, The Delta Lake Inn was really nice. A beautiful view from the restaurant - you could see the damn, and the little bridge you take to get to the inn. Plus, the restaurant itself was beautiful inside and out.

And... a few more pictures from my exploring in Rome.

Even with "Adventures in Rome... Part One," I think there's still a lot more I need to see in Rome. I mean, I haven't had chicken riggies at Teddy's (and I heard those were award-winning). I still need to see a show at The Capitol Theatre, and what about Nora's Candy Shop? I haven't had a turkey joint yet.

Looks like I'll be seeing more of Rome real soon.