The idea of summing up an entire state into one sentence is bad enough, but if you add a little sass to it, it gets more bearable.

First of all, can we just say that summing up all of New York State, all 54,555 square miles and all 19.8 million residents, is a nearly impossible task. And if it were any other state, I would probably say it was impossible. But somehow, someone summed up our state into one sentence and believe it or not, it actually works pretty well. It's something I think the majority of New York state residents normally think. The fact that this one sentence is a little sarcastic, too?! Yeah, we've got ourselves a winner...

Alright, so this all started because of the website 22 words (which if you've not heard, was actually started as a dad blog, according to CNBC). Anyway, the website posted an article that described every state by a "sarcastic line from a bitter resident." And it was brilliant. Some of our favorite lines:

Alabama: "We may be 49th in everything, but thank God for Mississippi."

Delaware: "It's fine."

Hawaii: "You're not welcome, but we'll take your money."

Minnesota: "Welcome to the United States' version of Canada."

NYC is not all of New York.

Isn't that how everyone feels living in New York?! Or at least, those who live outside of the City. It seems like anytime you go anywhere outside of our state, if someone finds out you're from New York, they automatically assume you're from New York City.

Luckily for us, this one resident summed it up perfectly for us. And it's not even really that sarcastic, if you think about it. It's just the truth. There is more to New York than just New York City.

If you had to sum up our state into one sarcastic statement, what would it be? Maybe something about the taxes? Or politics? What if you made it more central and summed up Utica or Central New York in one sassy sentence? What would that be? We would LOVE to hear your thoughts - You can always leave us a message or comment on our Facebook Page at: Lite 98.7




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