I bet you drink at least one cup of coffee every morning. It's no big deal, most people do. But here's my question. Do you stop and get your coffee on the way to work? If you said yes then you might want to continue reading.

Purchasing a coffee or even hot chocolate (which I do) everyday or several times a day can add up. I'm not telling you to give it up completely because, lets face it, you just can't make it the same as they do. All I'm recommending you do is to cut back. Make your coffee at home and pour it in a travel mug that way you can bring it into work with you instead of stopping at your favorite coffee joint everyday.

By making it at home everyday you will save money and save time on your way to work. Then when there is the late morning office run to the local coffee place you can get one. That right there will cut your costs. But if you only purchase one coffee everyday then maybe you want to cut it down to twice or even once a week because that can put money in your pocket as well. Several coffee places like Dunkin Donuts are making packaged coffee that way you can make it at home. I think that's great! Sometimes you can even find coupons for their coffee in the Sunday newspaper or online.

Either way, changing the way you purchase your coffee can help you save money. Plus, when you do stop at your favorite coffee place it will be little more special, kind of like a treat!

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