Most senior yearbook portraits tend to be pretty typical. Not so though for one Schenectady High School student whose senior picture has social media buzzing.

For his senior picture, Daven Rodriguez posed with his pet cat Mr. Bigglesworth and lots and lots of colorful lasers. Rodriguez told Schenectady's The Daily Gazette he didn't want his senior yearbook photo to be typical, hence the cat and lasers.He admits it's ridiculous and "a little out there" but that's who he is.

Once Rodriguez put the photo on Instagram, it took off. He even put up a petition asking for support to have the photo included in the yearbook.

According to The Daily Gazette, a Schenectady School spokesperson said the photo can be included in the yearbook but not in the senior portrait section.

I agree with the school. The photo will be included in the yearbook but just not in the official portrait section. Even though there's nothing offensive in the photo, who's to say how silly the next one could be if you let this one be included? A line has to be drawn somewhere and once you open Pandora's box, it's really hard to close it.

See the photo here and tell me if you think the school did the right thing or not.

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