If you're like us, you're dressing up for Halloween on the job. LAST YEAR, Beth and I portrayed Kentucky Fried Chicken's Colonel Sanders and a chicken (picture at the top). Great homemade costumes.

This year, our challenge at work was to come up with some sort of movie-themed idea. Our company, which has broadcast outlets in numerous markets across the country, offers up prizes for the best costumes. So, Beth conjured up something special that combines two different icons from recent pop culture. Our 2018 Beth & Dave get-ups are pictured below:

Credit: Beth Coombs/TSM

In case you were wondering, we are sharks from the insidious "Baby Shark" song COMBINED with the D-movie classic...Sharknado.

Credit: Kaylin Broadwell/ TSM
Credit: Kaylin Broadwell

There are positives and negatives to wearing costumes on the job:


  • You could win prizes.
  • It engenders team spirit.
  • The costumes may unleash your creativity.


  • The outfits may be uncomfortable or worse--Beth is allergic to latex and the shark heads we're wearing are rubber. So, be careful out there.
  • You could insult someone with a politically incorrect costume, just like Olympic snowboarder Shaun White did recently. So, again, be careful out there.
  • The wrong type of mask could making eating Halloween candy very difficult.

We wish you a Happy Halloween. Please feel free to send us the pics from your office in Central New York and beyond today.