I sure did enjoy all the sizzling moves at the the final match in the World Cup between Argentina and Germany the other day. Oh yes, the players were amazing but I' talking about Shakira who rocked the stage before Germany played Argentina to find out who wins it all!

Other than her judging on a talent show, we haven't heard much from Shakira lately. Fortunately we've just seen her return the stage. Shakira not only sang, she played a drum AND danced up a storm to close out the World Cup in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Hollywood Life tells us:

Shakira wowed the crowd with her performance of “Dare (La,La,La)” during the World Cup closing ceremony on July 13! Wearing a sexy red dress, the singer showed off her most sizzling moves EVER before the final match between Argentina and Germany.

And if you haven't heard, Germany defeated Argentina to win The World Cup Final by a score of 1 to 0.

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