Will being more than a half pint short on her federal taxes prevent Melissa Gilbert from running for congress? 

The last time we checked Melissa Gilbert owed the IRS nearly $360,000. That's way more than her bullying nemesis Nelly Olson would have ever even been capable of robbing from her. Her debt load on the prairie is way more than anyone ever expected her to owe; for one, her French Bulldog Josephine has her own doggie stylist and wears nothing but the finest canine apparel. According to Dailymail.Co.Uk:

She has this tutu and rhinestone high tops and I got her a little pearl necklace. Her collar is actually Louis Vuitton.

Rob Kim/Getty Images
I bet Jack, Laura's dog on Little House on the Prairie didn't wear all that bling.
Melissa Gilbert's current liability to the government may not prevent her from working for it though; she announced that she will be running for Congress in Michigan. On her campaign website, she said: “I believe building a new economy is a team effort.” Perhaps she should consider getting a part-time job at the mercantile to repay some of that debt before she decides to get the public to cast their vote.